Terrebonne Oil Co. Oregon's wholesale CBD dealer

Essential Oil Products from the Heart of Oregon.

We are a local farm in Terrebonne Oregon, where some of the best organic soil in the state lives.

We cultivate oil rich Hemp plants for the manufacturing of essential oil products such as Lotions, Slaves, Soaps and Shampoos.

Our product line.

First we start by growing the best plant varietals in some of the best dirt on earth.


Pharm Budder

Our favorate Salve/Lotion that feels soothing before, during, and after a long days work on the farm.



Our Lotion is a higher concentrate of Hemp Oil combined with mct coconut oil and a blend of essential oils.. This gives our lotion a liquid state, allowing for a drop applicator to deliver a directed dose.





You can reach us here or call us at 541-604-2645